Software Development

Building a truly long-term and sustainable research community requires software to collect, share, analyze, and discuss data. Paper surveys and Google spreadsheets only work for so long. Our-Sci provides a data sharing platform which you can use for free. We’re knowledgeable about the existing software in the market, and can help identify the right solutions for your needs. If that’s not enough, we have the skills to design software solutions specifically for your community’s needs.

Hardware and sensors development

Community-driven research requires a unique combination of accessible, fast, scientifically accurate yet low-cost methods for collecting data. This often means using sensors and instrumentation. We can help identify the right tools for your job, or build specialty sensors or instruments for your application. We can even scale those instruments from prototypes to finished products and help you find distribution channels.

Training and capacity building

We know that all the sensors and software in the world will not make a successful research community. The members of the community must be interested and engaged, understand why and how to collect data, and learn how to evaluate the results. We have experience training communities from around the world, and know the unique challenges in bringing scientific rigor to the general public.

Identifying sustainable revenue models

Research, even community research, requires ongoing financial support. Creating the revenue or business models to keep your research community going is daunting, but not unprecedented. We can connect you with other successful organizations with sustainable revenue models that still maintain the spirit of open scientific inquiry and build and scale the hardware and software required to implement those models.

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